Beaded Earrings on Commission

Jeanne Reames

One of my personal frustrations when buying beaded earrings was finding a pattern I liked in colors I wanted. Ergo, I offer the chance to DESIGN YOUR OWN to match your wardrobe!

Some constraints apply. Beads don't always "play well with others" and can't be mixed and matched across sizes, so read the instructions on commissioning a pair.
How do I figure final prices? Based on approximate hours required and design complexity, plus number and size of beads involved. I can, in some cases, alter designs slightly, making them wider or longer (which may then slightly alter the price). The designs are designs only. Obviously, colors will be your choice. Check back, as I continually add to available designs. Also, I have designs I've not yet made, so feel free to inquire.


Pyramid Styles
Pattern Styles
Weaving Styles
woven style

Pride Collection

Pride Collection beaded earrings

Miami-Peoria Collection

Miami block pattern earrings

Special Commissions


Like what you see?  Here's how to order....

Because I want you to be happy with what you end up with, I'll communicate with you on details before I even begin. I do this because--while I enjoy beading and people who've seen my earrings have asked if I plan to open an Etsy shop--I also have a full time job plus a lot of personal projects. I won't take more commissions than I can finish. So it's great if you email me with a pretty clear idea of what you want. But it's also okay if you email me with a design you like and some basic color ideas. Or, if you've got a particular outfit you really want to match and aren't sure what would look best--take some pics with your phone and send them. We can chat.

That's why I don't have "absolute" pricing. It's a bit of a sliding scale, depending. These are not Wal-Mart earrings. 😂 I do sometimes have pre-made sets with a solid price. But mostly, we build your earrings to suit YOU. Pricing under the styles is approximate (to give you a general idea).

Place an Order or Make an Inquiry

Bead Types and Colors:

I offer 3 different bead sizes + bugle beads. My bead colors change, but I have a wide array. What we can't do is mix and match bead sizes. So color selections all need to come from the same size beads...except bugle beads, although they work better with regular 11s or Delica. Size 10s are big beads and don't lay as neatly. With a few pattern exceptions, I generally don't recommend them.

Due to the very small size of the delica beads, and their higher price, all choices with delica add $3 for simpler patterns, $5 for more elaborate (those with lots of beads). Delica beads lay better in elaborate patterns, and are less likely to "curl" as they hang, especially in wider earring designs. So they may be costlier, but worth it. Some styles need end-beads on the fridge. They may have to be specially purchased for your color scheme, if you choose a pattern that includes them and I don't have something already.

Want a color I don't have?  I am willing to purchase beads in the color(s) you want, but there will be a $2 surcharge. (Gas to drive to the bead store.)

When picking colors, it's usually better not to chose those too close in shade for some patterns, or they "blur." Gradation patterns work well with that sort of "sliding" color scheme, but for pyramid and weaving patterns, where you want the design to POP, you don't want teal, green, and blue together. We can discuss these choices when you order. I'll do my best to steer you to viable color schemes.

Once you decide what pattern you want, and (basically) what colors, then I will take some pictures of what I have and text these to you, for you to select more specifically what you'd like. I may have some suggestions. Once you've decided, I'll get started!

I have a full-time job and do this on the side for fun. It may take me just a few days to make your earrings, or it may take me a week+. I'll be upfront with you, when you order. I sometimes have hard deadlines in my day-job (midterms or finals to grade, etc.).


At present, this is largely word-of-mouth/shows, so I may know you/have met you. But for both our sakes, it's better to keep it professional. ALL work I do comes with a 98% satisfaction guarantee. In short, I'm a perfectionist and won't turn out crap. If I make a mistake or don't like what I see, I'll pull out the stitching and start over. If you don't think it's well-done when I finish, return it, no questions asked and I'll refund what you paid. What I won't do, however, is make changes in colors or design once I've started. That's why I want to talk to you beforehand. I can probably tell you if the colors you chose won't look good together, or perhaps suggest an alternative color arrangement. And you'll have pictures of the actual beads being used. But once we've agreed on colors and design, no returning it because you changed your mind or the green doesn't exactly match your sweater.

The easiest way to pay is via Paypal or Venmo. I'll give specifics once we've settled on your choices. If you're local and prefer cash or to write a cheque, that's fine too. I'll begin as soon as payment has cleared.

SHIPPING: I'll happily ship anywhere (within reason). Shipping is calculated based on where it's going. If you're local, no shipping costs are needed. We can arrange for you to pick it up at the university or somewhere else in Omaha.