Special Commissions

If they're all commissions, why are these "special"? It might be a deal on cost, a medallion and earring set, or something unique to you!

Three Sisters

  Three Sisters, #11 Delica
$110 Delica, $100 Round

Originally made for my cousins with a common color (gold), then their two favorite colors to personalize each one.

In native tradition, the Three Sisters are corn, beans, and squash. They were planted together, as the corn stalk supported the beans, and the wide squash leaves kept moisture in the ground. Thus, they cared for each other.

If you're three sisters who want a visual "We stand together," pick a common shade, then your two favorite colors. I recommend the common shade be neutral (gold, silver, white, black) and two shades different enough for the pattern to pop.

Filipino Original
  Power Jewelry, #11 Delica

 $120, earrings and medallion

A birthday present for my "extra" daughter, this is an adapted Filipino weaving pattern to reflect half her heritage.

Everyone needs that one special jewelry set to make them feel unique. This pattern is not available. It belongs to her. But I'll work with you to select a meaningful pattern of your own that's yours and only yours.

That's why it's expensive; I create the pattern...and never use it again. You'll never have to worry about somebody else with your jewelry!

Dragon suit

Dragon Set, #11 Round
$75 round, $80 Delica

Another set, you may pick your dragon colors! This is "green-gold," but blue-green, red-orange, pink-gold, even silver-black are available.