Bugle beads, size 10s & other

Beads are broken down by type, and into color groups, 10s on top, others below. 10s do not mix-and-match with 11s. Bugle beads and end-beads are needed in only some patterns. I do not, generally, recommend 10s, but they work well in some patterns.

I can get additional colors if you don't see what you're looking for. Particularly fringe ends may need to be purchased to match a color scheme. Some colors I have in a greater range of shades. I've tried to lay those closer in color next to each other, so you can see the slight distinctions in some cases. I'll be happy to provide closer pictures and color names, just tell me the color group, and, say, "Three in from the left, 10s green-teal."


10s shades of red-yellow

10s green-teal
  10s shades of green-teal


  10s shades of white-black-blue/purple

dark bugle beads

  bugle beads darker
(one black is shiny
the other matte)

bugle light

bugle beads lighter

end beads
fringe end-beads for some styles