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Not everything an author writes makes it into a book. Scenes or parts of scenes may not further the action or theme enough, or may just be too tangential. This pair of novels
(really, one long novel) has been in process across decades, so several extracts have gone missing between successive computers and word processing programs. Yet a few remain; I've included them here, with an explanation at the end as to why it was cut.

Further, as 9-10 months pass between Becoming and Rise, I've penned a few pieces that fit into that lost year.
In "Moth and Flame," I detail the early, tender negotiations of new love that occur off-stage in the novels (and readers get a bit of romantic fun). In the short "Two Scorpions," Hephaistion and Myrtale face off. And in the novelette, "For the Love of Geometry," Aristoteles makes a bet with Philippos, allowing me to show the boys through adult eyes.

Scenes Cut from Becoming
"Laomedon" (PDF)  HTML version

Just a brief exchange from the scene in the great hall, as Alexandros waits for the rite after his boar hunt. Originally, this took place just after Philippos and Attalos's exchange about him.
"Shoot It Straight Up" (PDF)  HTML version

Takes place at Mieza after Alexander's broken arm has healed, but before the aurora borealis scene. Teen boys being reckless. Incidentally, this is based on a real event, albeit not one involving Alexander.

Extra Scenes Between the Novels
"Moth & Flame" (PDF)  HTML version

A wee bit of teenaged romantic floof and angst. The boys seek out the edges of this new thing between them.
(Story opens approximately 2 months after the final conversation in
Becoming between Alexandros and Aristoteles.)
"Two Scorpions" (PDF)  HTML version

Myrtalē/Olympias. Hephaistion. A Conversation.
(Story takes place during the mindwinter Lenaia, in Pella, not quite 2 months after "Moth & Flame.")

For the Love of Geometry (PDF)  HTML version

Aristoteles has a proposal. He and Philippos talk. A wager is made. Anyntor has his own opinion on matters. Who will prevail?
(Mostly adult POVs on the boys near the end of their Mieza sojourn. Part of it takes place in early spring, but the rest just a month before Alexandros's initiation [epilogue].)

Scenes Cut from Rise
"Hetairos Belting" (PDF)  HTML version

Hephaistion takes his vow before the king, in his father's place. Originally, this occurred on the first day of the Hetairideia in the next-to-last chapter.
 "Gnosis" (PDF)  HTML version

For good sex, one needs to know mundane details. It's all rather pedantic and embarrassing, but annoyingly crucial. Hephaistion finds an unexpected tutor. This would have been the last scene in the next-to-last chapter, occurring while Alexandros met with his father to ask him to recall their friends from exile.
"Family Rites" (PDF)  HTML version

At the four-month anniversary of Amyntor's death, Alexandros sits with his friend. Originally, this was the first scene of the last chapter.

NEW! "Boukephalas and an Apple" (PDF)  HTML version

Alexander has a few moments to play with his horse.

 One-Year-Anniversary Bonus Scene
Final Scene rewritten from Hephaistion's point-of-view  (PDF)  HTML version

Partly due to boredom in quarantine, I offered, on my Tumblr account, to write/rewrite one scene, of a fan's choice. Two different people requested the final scene of Rise through Hephaistion's eyes. So here it is. While Hephaistion isn't privy to the semi-argument between Philippos and Alexandros regarding Pausanias and justice, I tried to preserve some of the gist in a different setting. Bonus bits: you find out in what unit Hephaistion is now serving, and what his favorite color is. I've always known, but I don't think that made it into the final version of the novels. (Alexandros's favorite color is, perhaps predictably, red.)

*Disclaimer: none of these scenes have been edited by the Riptide staff, and they are not responsible for the content.

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