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We know Alexander loved music, and may have been a tolerably good kithara player himself. Yet what sorts of music appealed to him? According to our sources, he was especially inflamed by martial melodies, although that might just be what later authors thought he ought to like. Nonetheless, I took it to heart and decided he'd be a fan of heavy metal, a little pop, and--of course--Queen. The list below is all in good fun; I'm sure others would come up with a different list. It's arranged thematically at the begining, then linearly and covers his entire career, not just what's in Becoming & Rise. All links below are to legal, available copies on Youtube; if you like the playlist, please feed the artists and purchase on your favorite platform. (Incidentally, the choice of song owes to the lyrics, not the music videos, which you can ignore.)

"Eye of the Storm"
Alexander's "theme song"
When Legends Rise
Alexander's personality
"What Are You Waiting for?"
Alexander's ambitions
No Fixed Address
Alexander to his older cousin Amyntas (who picks on him)
Sick Puppies Tri-Polar
Struggling against his father (and sometimes mother)
The Script No Sounds without Silence
"A Warrior's Call"
Alexander's cavalry charge at Khaironeia
Volbeat Beyond Hell/Above Heaven
"Under your Scars"
Hephaistion and Alexander's vow at Thebes
Godsmack When Legends Rise
Alexander after he returns from exile
"Day of the Dead"
Pausanias as he strikes down Philip
Hollywood Undead
Hollywood Undead
Alexander in Thrace and Illyria
When Legends Rise
"Back from the Dead"
Alexander marching on Thebes
"Seek & Destroy"
Razing Thebes
Metallica Kill 'Em All
"Immigrant Song"
Invading Asia
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III
Alexander at Troy; transforming Achilles
Skillet Awake
"The Animal"
Disturbed Asylum
"Street Fighter" (War)
Fighting down the Asia Minor Coast
Sick Puppies
"Strike Back"
Lead up to the Battle of Issos
We As Human We As Human
"Cryin' Like a Bitch"
Battle of Issos; Darius runs away
Godsmack The Oracle
"The Catalyst"
Tyre facing Alexander

Linkin Park A Thousand Suns
"Keep Away"
Razing Gaza
Godsmack Godsmack
"Hall of Fame"
Alexander in Egypt/Siwah
The Script (feat. #3
Waiting for Gaugamela
Sixx: A.M.
Prayers for the Damed
"Face Everything and Rise"
Battle of Gaugamela
Papa Roach
"We Are the Champions"
Post-Gaugamela, Macedonian army
News of the World
"When Legends Rise"
Entering Babylon
When Legends Rise
"Gold on the Ceiling"
In Persepolis/Burning the palace of Xerxes
The Black Keys
El Camino
"Hail to the King"
Baktria & Sogdiana
Avenged Sevenfold
Hail to the King
Battle of Hydaspes
X-Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons The Reason
India "Mutiny"/Indiscipline
Device Device
"The Devil's Bleeding Crown"
Alexander's bloody trek down the Indus
Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie
Device Device
"Awake and Alive"
Return to Babylon
Skillet Awake
"Ten Thousand Fists"
The soldiers at Opis
Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists
Opis Mutiny
X Ambassadors
"Fight Song"
Post mutiny
Rachel Platten Wildfire
Death of Hephaistion
Three Days Grace
"Gone Away"
Death of Hephaistion
Five-Finger Death Punch
(cover of "The Offspring")
And Justice for None
Ixnay of the Hombre (The Offspring)
"Time That Remains"
Mourning Hephaistion
Three Days Grace
Transit of Venus
"I Lived"
Alexander on his own deathbed
OneRepublic Native
"How Did You Love?"
After Alexander's death
Threat to Survival
"Now That We're Dead"
Alexander & Hephaistion in Hades
Metallica Self-Destruct

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