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For Becoming:
"[A] well-told, if unexpected, coming-of-age story." --Publisher's Weekly

For Rise:
"Once again, Reames has written a lovely historical novel." --Publisher's Weekly

For Both:
"Dies ist Fanfiction auf akademischem Level: ein historischer Roman voneiner Makedonien-Expertin für Connaisseurs und Leserinnen und Leser, die Spaß an der Antike haben. Was Alexander und Hephaistion miteinanderhatten, bleibt in der Realität ihr Geheimnis. In diesem historischenRoman zählt die Fantasie, was hätte sein können. Eine Amüsement für alle Antikenfans." --Sabine Müller, Marburg University

For Becoming
"Just a superb story, I can't wait for the next one!" --A Caryn Review, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

"This is not the mythic Alexander the Great; instead Reames introduces us to a very likeable, complex young man on the threshold of his destiny." --Coralee Hicks, Netgalley

Becoming is an excellent fictionalization of Alexander’s childhood and the early days of his relationship with Hephaistion. The book is written with strong attention to detail and reads as credible in nearly every way. We know Alexander as one of the greatest military leaders of all time, but in Becoming, the author has given readers a genuinely engaging look at the boy before he became the man." -- Sue, Joyfully Jay

"[Reames's] life-long commitment to her field definitely plays into how fantastic this book is. As I read this novel, I was surprised to find that I was as caught up in history as much as the story about the two main characters. For obvious reasons, Reames has a fantastic grasp of the time period and it’s a pleasure to read a book that is so detailed and complete with respect to history...[and] a novel in which there is a pairing between two characters that is important but not the entirety of the plot." --Charlotte Kinzie, KinzieThings

"The characters are complex, with their own faults and virtues. We see them learn from their mistakes and deal with their own problems. Although the two characters help and complement each other, they are not dependent on each other...It also deals with the side characters justly, as complex beings with their own virtues and faults...I was totally drawn into the world whilst reading this, especially with the exquisite details." --Belinda C., Netgalley

"While a lot of attention is paid to their developing love story, I appreciated how much the novel developed them as individual characters, delving into their families, upbringing, and respective childhoods, especially Alexander's rocky relationship with his father...You really feel how they are beginning to grow into the men they will eventually become...I especially enjoyed how the author insisted on using Greek names and terminology appropriate to the period and region, instead of anglicizing everything." --Nancy Ann, librarian, Netgalley

For Rise:

"Detailed, compelling and additive reading." --Waleska Floyd, for Netgalley

Reames is a great writer, using detail when it's appropriate and simply letting her main characters speak through their actions...Yes, it's historical, but Reames brings Alexander the Great back to life." --Charlotte Kinzie, KinzieThings

"The author does an amazing job of building a credible and realistic world around Alexandros and his compatriots. There is a visceral believability to it all that I absolutely love...These men feel real and, as a result, the things they endure and the losses they suffer are affecting." Sue, Joyfully Jay

"Rise is a touching, moving, beautifully rendered conclusion to the Dancing With the Lion series. I adored the first book and...appreciated the consistency of the storytelling, flow, and characterization between the two books, as well as the author's diligence with historical research and faithfulness to the time, location, and what we know (or think we know) about Alexander the Great, or Alexandros.
--Nancy Ann, librarian, for NetGalley

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